Friday, May 29, 2015


Lately I have become aware of lots of wanting. It seems ridiculous because I have had major wonderful life changes going on over the last year and lots of excitement. Doesn’t wanting mean dissatisfaction and not being grateful??  What right have I got to want?
You know about wanting something, I’m sure. There is that rumbling going on, that hint of something not quite how we think it should be. We think……if only, then……..  If only I had more money, then I could relax. If only I could speak up naturally and truthfully, then I would like myself.
And then I think of reasons. I want……..because ……….. It’s like a justification for the want. Making the want logical and reasonable.
I'll tell you some of them. I’ll be honest. It’s a long list. How awful is that?

And you know:   to have no wants is bliss. Really. To have no wants means total gratitude and living in joy in each moment. WOW.

And the other thing about wanting is that it sets up a barrier to getting it anyway. Wanting creates more wanting creates staying in wanting mode. Ugh!!

My list of wants:

  • more money
  • to be fitter
  • a pair of ankle boots
  • no aches and pains
  • to be able to speak naturally, clearly and with compassion
  • to dance in a group (chakradance sounds amazing)
  • to sing
  • to have more people come to see me for Journeywork
  • to be able to support my daughter better
  • to have a closer relationship with my children and their partners
  • an increase in pay for the work I do
  • to feel better about my job
  • flowers
  • to not mind the cold when I get out of bed in the mornings
  • easy decision making
  • travel
  • to be totally and truthfully myself

Actually, I think I will stop here. Maybe I'll just put it out there - into the universal field of energy.
What are your main wants? I'd love to hear.

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