Friday, June 19, 2015

Infinite Potential

Last weekend I went to a seminar. Actually I can't call it a seminar, because it was nothing like a typical seminar. The title was Manifest Abundance. Remember my blog a couple ago and my list of wants? Oh, maybe I could apply strategies and get all my wants? Unfortunately it was not about applying strategies. It was not about organising thoughts and being specific about wants. So what was it about??
Well, it was about recognising that life is abundant regardless of what we do. It is knowing inside that me, I am infinite potential. That I came into this world as full potential and that the limits were placed on me by my emotions and beliefs about myself and about abundance.

Limiting beliefs about abundance were formed when I was young:
"Money doesn't grow on trees","Money is limited"
"One has to plan carefully for the future"
"One has to put money aside and keep it there"
"Don't spend that today, you might need it tomorrow"
"Being frugal is a virtue"
"You are a better person if you don't spend money on yourself"
" Only buy what you need, not what you want"
And many others, that in this moment, I can't remember.
And I recognise that it's the way my parents were, because of the times and because of how their parent's were. And I acknowledge that the man I married had the same or similar beliefs, which then reinforced my beliefs and carried them on.

But do I need those beliefs now?

You know, my intention for the weekend was not actually about money but somehow those beliefs showed up. My intention for the weekend was to allow my truth and the real me to shine strongly in each moment.

So how did the weekend affect me? Sometimes the effects are subtle and hard to find with our minds.
If I stop and just feel inside me, right now, then this is what comes up for me to say.
I have a stronger belief in me, in the real me - the me that is sometimes or often covered by conditioning and learned beliefs. I feel stronger and stiller and more relaxed and more energetic. My senses have been sharpened. What I see in the view or in people is somehow deeper. I have let go of something. I feel freer and more appreciative of what others have to offer.

I am more me.

And it feels like the world is very expansive, that the unexpected can turn up, that there is so much abundance around me.

I am grateful.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Gratitude for a dog's love.

Until a few months ago, I had had nothing to do with dogs, Other than feel scared of them at times. Other than not liking them sniffing at my private parts, Other than finding the barking and yapping annoying. And the smell.
So what happened when I began living with a dog? A large dog? A "menacing" dog? (Council classification)
It was actually an easy process, helped by the explanations of Paul, my partner. Step by step, I got to know Zac, a Rhodesian Ridgeback who is a beautiful colour and has this beautiful ridge of fur down his back. He's nine years old. He didn't jump up at me and he didn't bark at me.
Now, he follows me around, keeping an eye on me, sitting so close he touches my leg when people come. How protective would he be, I wonder?
He joins me when I go to feed the chooks, and explores up the hill behind while I am busy there and races down when I return from them. And races on ahead coming to a sudden stop when he realises he is way ahead of me. Unless he is keen to get inside to the fire or his breakfast, in which case he carries on at speed.
He walks with me up the steep hill on our property, stopping when I do, detouring, exploring and rejoining me.
He likes to come with me to the orchard and sits, looking expectantly at me, wanting me to throw him a bite of an apple, pear, plum or peach.
He lies in the sun while I garden and if I sit for a rest, he immediately gets up, comes over and gives me a lick before sitting down close enough for me to pat him, or lean on him.
He lies beside me if I am working on the computer and occasionally gets up and come and pushes his face under my arm.
He has a sweet tooth, just like Paul - he likes a piece of toast with honey, or a biscuit, or cake, and loves to lick clean the empty yoghurt container.
He has expanded my understanding of life and I am very grateful for this and for having him a part of my life. A friend indeed. Unconditional love.