Thursday, May 19, 2011

  We can blame others for what we perceive that they have done to us, but does this really help? Whatever has happened is now in the past and can’t be changed. Accept this. If we continue to blame we become stuck in negativity and this increases over time until the emotion is an absolute block to living life fully. Release the emotion and be liberated by forgiving. There is no need to forgive or condone the action. Forgive the essence of the person, the best part of them, and understand that they were acting out their own conditioning and emotional issues.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

 When I was little my parents said to me “Think before you speak”. As I grew up I thought that I would sooner be more spontaneous when speaking. On becoming older I realize the importance of speaking consciously. Our words have an impact on others. Even the words we use to speak of the earthquake can increase or neutralize fear. When we say the earthquake “struck”, isn’t there a subtle suggestion that something [the earth] is doing something deliberate to us. And is something to be feared. Why not say that the earthquake happened, which is neutral. Speak consciously – there is so much influence in our words.

Friday, May 6, 2011


 How has the earthquake changed you? Did it shake up your life – the emotions, behaviours, relationships, habits, physical health. Do you get stressed more easily? Do you get frights more easily? It’s interesting how difficult it is for some of us to be relaxed about it. How come we get so scared and fearful? And why do you have such a different reaction to other people. Consider the idea that your reaction may have something to do with earlier experiences in your life and how you perceived these. Your emotional response to early crises will reappear causing you to be fragile, or fearful or resilient.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

  Are you able to be true to yourself? Do you speak truthfully about what is going on for you? Or do you cover up by saying you are fine when really you are not? What does this cost you? You might think you are making it easier for the other person when really you are denying yourself the opportunity to live in truth and to share openly. You may be fearful of the other person’s response and the effect on you. Don’t you get tired of being in fear? Step out of this fear and show your real self. You may be surprised at how this opens yourself to truthfulness and love from others.