Thursday, May 19, 2011

  We can blame others for what we perceive that they have done to us, but does this really help? Whatever has happened is now in the past and can’t be changed. Accept this. If we continue to blame we become stuck in negativity and this increases over time until the emotion is an absolute block to living life fully. Release the emotion and be liberated by forgiving. There is no need to forgive or condone the action. Forgive the essence of the person, the best part of them, and understand that they were acting out their own conditioning and emotional issues.

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  1. I'd go further and forgive the action as soon as possible also. While we don't forgive something, we are stilling holding onto a judgement. It's not possible to be at ease with a clenched fist, the physical equivalent of a judgement. (This still does not mean condoning the action.)