Friday, September 18, 2015

A Seed Sprouting - aka courage.

A seed is tightly contained and held in by its shell. It's strong and durable. Some seeds last for a long time. Gorse seeds can survive for 50 years and still grow.

What changes when the seed germinates and sprouts??

Well, the science minded people would say a root grows down and a sprout grows up. And then it becomes a plant.

The analogy minded people would say that the sprout displays courage and determination in it's fight to the light and to moisture.

Spiritual people might say that the seed has stepped from the safe place out into the unknown. That the seed has previously stayed contained, safe and within a shell. Then something triggered the seed to grow and begin the journey to the light. It's a journey of possibilities and dangers, depending on your perception. The sprout has to push its way through soil and maybe stones/twigs/leaves/grass. It has to survive birds or animals eating it. It has to experience heavy rain, bright sunshine, heat and shade. And many other natural occurrences.

So, does the seed display courage? I suggest that the seed is following the natural triggers for growth. Some sprouts survive and some don't.

And a human stepping out of their shell and into the unknown of not knowing the detail of the future and the potential endless possibilities. Is courage felt? It seems to me that we often say that someone else displays courage but it is not recognised in ourselves.

I took that step out of my shell into the wide potential. I didn't feel courageous. I felt compelled to take the step. I felt a myriad of feelings arising, triggered by so many changes, adjustments and adaptations. I stepped from a safe place of predictability and containment, into many new experiences.

A journey to the light.

A journey in the light of my own being. Expanding and opening to the abundance of life.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


It's painful. .

It's awkward.

It's jolly stupid.

It's soul destroying.

Can you guess what it is?

It's realising that I have had expectations and dreams that are not happening.

What's even worse is that I was not even consciously aware of having definite expectations. How stupid is that? I thought that I was focusing on each little step of life and the synchronicity that was aligning my purpose. And that it was heading in a perfect direction - however that was and whatever it was. (Really?) A direction of spirituality and working with someone else who was of the same understanding of the path.

Really, that is what I thought. Every little synchronicity pointed in the same direction. (So I thought)

Now I realise that I was making assumptions and unconsciously thinking I knew what was what. Or is this too, a thought process that is not revealing the truth. Afterall thoughts can go in all directions and are not necessarily helpful.

So now, what do I do?

Well, my advice to myself is:
Relax and trust
Allow the feelings to be felt.
Be open to more synchronicity.
Have an intention to be the limitless potential that I am
Stay in the moment
Be still inside.
Be light with the world.

Stay open - magic may happen.