Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fear of being well.

Do you have some hidden little (or big) fears about  being well? What do you gain by being unwell? It may have been a long time since ill-health started and you do not remember what it feels like to be well. Are there some advantages in being unwell? Do you gain any of these: attention, being looked after, safety, not having to organize your life, having people around you most of the time, not having to make decisions? What would you have to face if you were really well? Would it be scary to think about looking after yourself? Would it be scary to have to make decisions without the limitations of being unwell? Would the freedom feel so unknown that it’s scary? Who would you be if you weren’t the label of your sickness? Honour yourself and be honest – face the emotions and shine in the truth that is revealed to you.  

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Memories. Think of a time or happening that has affected you negatively. Remember it. Do you remember it accurately? Do you think that the other people in the memory remember it the same way? How can it be that people remember the same thing differently? We all perceive situations differently, depending on the emotional impact on us. It’s the emotional side of situations that we remember. It is not an objective memory. In fact, we interpret the situation and what people said and what they did – it’s not actually the complete picture of what happened. And then the altering of the memory carries on when we think about it frequently, or when we talk about it often. We change little bits and slant it in ways to support our case, or to make it easier to face it. Understand yourself and the processes involved. Show compassion to yourself and let yourself feel the emotions. Then you can leave the memory in the past.