Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Permission to be free.

Whose permission do you need to live life fully with confidence? Do you feel stuck in grief because you feel that you will let the person down if you stop grieving? Maybe you need to ask their permission to let it go so you can enjoy the richness of life. Do you need your parent’s permission to let go of the beliefs that they instilled in you, so you can live life freely and make your own decisions about what you believe? Do you need your parent’s permission to be your real self and not worry for their approval all the time? Who else do you look to for approval? Ask their permission to make your own decisions from your own truth. Take time to sit and relax into yourself, picture the person in front of you and verbally ask their permission for anything that comes to mind. Be free.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our minds.

Our minds are intriguing. On the one hand, the mind helps us plan, lets us learn, assists us to communicate, allows us to imagine. On the other hand it comes up with all sorts of doubts and negative stories. The past and the present can be thought about negatively. It gets distracted by worrying about other people’s approval. It doubts our own ability to do things. It questions what we plan to do. It tries to sort out the logical and best thing to do, and gets tied in knots doing it. Then some of us start to feel anxious, and our self-esteem goes down. Sometimes it is useful to realize that our mind is not who you really are. We need to trust our inner knowing about ourselves.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Emotional Pain

   Emotional pain! We don’t like it and we try to avoid it. We stuff those emotions away, we keep busy so we can’t feel them, we ignore them, we belittle them. Anything to avoid the pain and unpleasantness. We really want to be happy and positive, and we think that we can do this with will-power. We think we can do it by forcing ourselves to think positively. Does it work? Maybe, but only for a short time. And then it’s hard work. Those emotions are communicating strongly to you. Do you listen? What if you did? What is it that you fear? Would you fall apart? Try feeling. Give yourself some space to really feel. It might be subtle, it might be strong. Let it out and let it go.