Wednesday, July 25, 2012


A labyrinth is going to be added to our garden. Currently it is laid out with bright blue string which has come off the big bales of pea straw that we get for the garden. At first I laid it out as a left-handed classical labyrinth. Then I changed it, mirror image to a right handed labyrinth - means when one enters then one goes to the right. It is modelled on the labyrinth at Mana Retreat Centre, Coromandel. So instead of straight lines crossing at the centre, it has a diamond shape and ours will have a small cog in the centre. The strings will be replaced by bricks set into the ground so that the area can be mowed. It will be beautiful.

Friday, July 20, 2012


Yesterday evening at Satsang the stillness was very deep. Satsang is a sanskirt word - 'gathering in the company of truth'. When we come together with the intention of deepening in the truth of who we really are, the vibration of the group rises and we fall into deep silence together. This what happened last night. We meditated, we opened into truth inside us and the silence took us deeper. It was very peaceful and strong.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Power of Intentions

Recently I have been allowing an intention to arise within me before I get out of bed in the morning. This is an intention for me for the day. The other day my intention was to notice the beauty around me and I sure did, starting with the morning sun backlighting the flowers of winter sweet in the vase on the dinning room table. Today, it was to listen to my body. So when walking up a steep hill I listened consciously and asked if my body wanted to rest, or go slower. I am amazed and full of wonder that I remember to allow an intention to arise, and that it becomes apparent often during the day, with no effort on my part.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Are You Emotionally Fit?

We are bombarded by articles and advertisements about the value of becoming physically fit. What about your emotional fitness? How would life be if you were really emotionally free. Take this questionnaire to determine your emotional health. Each question has 4 answers to choose from. Please total the numbers from all answers.
1.      Do you stop yourself from feeling emotions?
 Often(1), sometimes(2), rarely(3), never(4)
2.      How do you deal with anger? 
Explode(1), suppress(2), talk about(3), feel it(4)
3.      When someone else expresses anger do you –
feel scared(1), explode with anger yourself(2), speak up for yourself(3), let their anger stay with them(4).
4.      Do allow yourself to cry?    
Never(1), rarely(2), sometimes(3), usually(4)
5.      Do anxious feelings stop you from trying something new? 
 Often(1), sometimes(2), rarely(3), never(4)
6.      When someone close to you died, how did you react? 
Not grieve(1), grieve a little(2), tell yourself to stop grieving(3), let yourself feel it(4)
7.      Do you laugh, sing and dance with happiness?  
 Never(1), rarely(2), sometimes(3), often(4)
8.      When you are criticized do you –
feel neutral(4), stick up for yourself(3), criticize yourself(2), feel stupid(1)
9.       Do you find yourself wanting approval from others?  
Never(4), rarely(3), sometimes(2), often(1)
10.   Do you blame others for how you feel?
 Never(4), rarely(3), sometimes(2), often(1)
11.   Do you feel grateful?   
Often(4), sometimes(3), rarely(2), never(1)  
12.   How long does it take you to bounce back from feeling low? 
1hr(4), 1 day(3), 1 week(2),  longer(1)
Scoring:  42 - 48    You are emotionally healthy. An appointment with me could allow you to open further to the abundance of life.
35 – 41  Be aware of the areas in which you are not allowing yourself to open and feel emotions. I can facilitate this with you.
25 – 34  Make an appointment with me and get to the cause of being emotionally shut down.
Below 24  Definitely make an appointment soon to honour yourself and live life more freely.