Thursday, October 22, 2015


Time is a funny thing!!.

Sometimes it goes fast and sometimes it goes slow.

And this all depends on our perception of it, doesn't it?  You know the story. When you are doing something fun, then it whizzes by and when you are doing something dreary, then it goes slow. When you are at the dentist time drags and yet when you are out of there, looking back, it seems like it went fast. It's over - yay!

When you meditate what does time do?

I remember sitting in the Sanctuary at Mana Retreat Centre, Cromandel, staying still in the immense stillness. The time would slow. Each minute felt like an  hour with nothing in it. No busyness, no problems to solve, no conversations, no stories. Not that I looked at a watch every minute, but there is a bell tower there that rings on the quarter hour and it was a very long time until the next chiming.

And I realised that the perception of time is just that - a perception - it's not real. Yet we set ourselves to be confined by time. We urge ourselves to do more, to get more done. Is that part of conditioning from young? That we think we need to fill this moment with doing or thinking in order to...........achieve something??

"Take your time. There is  plenty of time"

I realised this when in India at the sacred mountain Mt Arunachala. Our group realised this. When I meditate, this is realised again. There is plenty of time.
Time is what we make of it. Time is what we think it is.

Change how you think of time. To allow more possibilities. Let your mind relax. Let the future unfold. Trust yourself - whatever you need to do, will get done. Take your time.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Are you journeying to the light?

Are you on a journey to the light?

How much of a role does your mind play?

Or is it a matter of working around your mind? Or seeing through your mind? Or stopping your mind from thinking? So that you can trust your inner self.

It is amazing to see the power of the mind at work. No matter what your ego type (Enneagram) and particularly some ego types - the mind can be dominant - thinking in logic or academia or science.

The mind can seem so truthful and we believe what it thinks. Then later, we see a situation differently and realise that the mind did not have the truth afterall. The mind can be narrow in the way it perceives things.

It's great when I let go of trying to figure things out and just be light. Sometimes the answers come later and sometimes not at all. Sometimes a knowing is here, without answers. A lightness.

It's great when I let go of wishing other people to feel comfortable with me and just be light.

It's great when I welcome difference and be light.

It's great when fun and laughter are present. A lightness.

It's great when I just speak and let go of what the receiver might think or judge about my comments. And be light with me and life.

It's great when I am me in the light.