Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fuckit Bucket.

I landed in the Fuckit bucket in a ball of hopelessness and pulled the lid down top of me. Oh dear. Struggling. Resisting. Now what? Carry on resisting or............................

A useful thing - a fuckit bucket. Because otherwise what would I do with that feeling? Would it stay here all the that's a scary thought!

My mind says: I shouldn't feel that way!

I could just observe myself feeling this way and allow it to happen.

My mind says: What made me feel like that?

I could just feel it.

My mind says: Take it away!

I could just accept the feeling.

My mind says: Okay, just wallow in it.

I could just relax into it.

My mind says:  Get out of it.

I could embrace it with love.

My mind says: Whatever you do, it's still here.  

Give up mind. I welcome it. It's just here. Whatever the reason,whether it's right or wrong. it's here.
And it slowly dissolves as acceptance grows.
And the fuckit bucket is emptied.


  1. Mmmm gotta love a fuckit bucket, sometimes we just make life toooooo serious, Thank you MIND!

  2. It felt like a very serious fuckit bucket at the time!!

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