Thursday, January 12, 2017

New Years Resolutions

Often New Years Resolutions are things we think we "should" do........... we've been told by the media or by friends that we should be fitter, healthier, wealthier, smarter, etc. Or they are things that have been niggling at us for some time and because it's holidays and the start of a new year, we think we will decide to do it.
And being human beings, we usually want to improve ourselves, or have more, or enjoy a change!!!!!
It might be health, fitness, wealth, activities, weight, spirituality,...........
Change your focus a little. Be still and quiet for a moment and breath. Just allow the notion that if there were no restrictions (such as money, people, health....) and absolutely all creativity was present right here, what would you really like to do? Let your mind lazily travel outside the box of your existence to the place of all possibilities.
No limits, no boundaries, open expansiveness, all possibilities.
And then, a bit later, what would the first little step towards that be? Take that baby step, not knowing the plan ahead. Focus on that step only, without getting ahead of yourself. When that is completed, the next one will be revealed.

So, here I am, taking my own advice. Sitting and being still, opening to an expansive awareness of life. Expanding more and more. Stepping outside the limitations of my perceptions.
So my vision is to make a difference for people. To support them to know their spiritual self and to let their real self shine. This has been my purpose for some time - seeing people one-on-one, and also in small groups for The Inner Path Retreats. Also, what came up as I expanded was to have a place where people can be on retreat, sometimes silent, sometimes in guided sessions. Some people paying, some people referred and funded.
And the baby step: look after myself and focus on completing the therapy room. I've been calling it the Peace room lately - maybe that will stick, or maybe that will change.
And I have an advertised date for The Inner Path One Day Retreat - to be held in Upper Hutt on 4th February.

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