Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Reckless Abandon.

I love the phrase living life with reckless abandon. Can you do it? I mean - can you live with reckless abandon? This doesn't mean irresponsibly, this doesn't mean not being aware of others in your life. It means being expansive inside yourself and not letting ties tie you down to preconceived ideas, judgements and  negative beliefs about yourself. Personally, I have been living in the unknown for the last several months - and it feels like reckless abandon. It involves fun and laughter. It involves tears and sadness. It involves the richness of life being allowed. It involves fully experiencing whatever is here right now in this moment. It involves letting go and allowing whatever is happening to happen. It involves tipping judgements and ideas upside down and looking at them from a different angle. And if you think this is impossible, actually it is not. But for some of us, it needs a trigger - such as a life event, something scary, some major change which means we dive deeper into life and deeper into ourselves. So it has been for me. Stuff was building inside me. Finally the last straw happened, and I stepped away from the life I knew, including my husband. I lived on my own for a few months,  and then took another step - left my job of 25 years, moved to a different part of the country with a new partner, started a new job. For some people, a major life event may drive them into a closed shut down place. If this is you, show compassion for yourself. You are doing this because you want to keep yourself safe. It is scary to jump or step into something that is different. It is frightening when your circumstances change. Every minute of every day requires vigilance and re-evaluation. It is tiring. Even a tiny step can seem huge. Just know that you will reach that place where you will just do it and it will be perfectly right and natural. Live life with reckless abandon.

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