Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Anger. Do you let yourself feel it? What do you do with it? Put a lid on it and stuff it down? Let it pop out at ridiculous times? Let it explode? Scary! We don’t like anger. We don’t want to feel it, or show it, or be around it, or near anyone who is expressing it. We don’t understand it. It is so unpredictable. Other emotions are much easier to explain and understand. Most of us have plenty of anger in us. It is often stored in some deep place where we think we can control it. Then it seeps out as resentment, judgement, or critical comments. Or it suddenly explodes outwards at other people. Try being curious about anger and letting yourself feel it inside your body. Expressing it by words or explosion is not actually letting it go. It’s still there. However, if you take time for you, and let your body feel the anger inside, bringing your awareness to the pure feeling, it will empty out, and then the story about why you feel angry will disappear. Try it. It’s worth it.

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