Thursday, March 24, 2011


To be strong and adaptable is a useful quality in these times. Being patient and kind are also valuable qualities. These all go out the window when we are stressed and tired - unless they are so embedded and part of our belief system that they work automatically. How do we build resilience? How can we learn to view life's experiences as chances to further develop and not let our fear get in the way of continuing to live fully in the moment?
Firstly, what has happened in the past for you? How have you been supported through previous crises? How do you perceive previous crises? What emotions are you hiding inside yourself from that time? You can improve your resilience by facing these emotions, and releasing them. You can express them by talking, writing, artwork, singing, being physically active. And you still need to feel them, to release them.
Secondly, you can also look after yourself right now by accepting support from others. You can be kind to yourself by accepting how you feel and being understanding of yourself. Give yourself a gift - a flower, a walk, a sit in the sun, a massage, a time for you. Maybe dance or sing. Treasure yourself and open deep inside yourself to find truth.

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