Thursday, October 17, 2019

Taking care of your body

Taking care of our body.

We think we are doing the right things by our bodies, but it’s all a bit abstract really. You know; follow this idea for fitness, follow this idea for healthy food, follow this idea for care. Until something crops up that’s not an easy fix. Then it becomes real. Suddenly, dropping into the fear of what could be happening.

The mind jumps in, a million miles ahead, bringing up trillions of possibilities, and just as many worse case scenarios!!

The body works so beautifully and so hard, at making everything cooperate together. There are so many processes going on inside that we are not aware of, so many organs working interdependently. It’s an amazing miracle.

And yet we drive it and control it. Do we respect it? Really care for it? Or just want the easy fix so it will work the way we want it to. So that we don’t have to spend time, or change habits, or interrupt our lives. There is so much else that we want to do with our time, so much out there things to think about and do.

Do we really listen to it? To our body? Do we stop long enough to know? And even when we do, how do we know what it wants? Would we believe any message it gives or do we override that inner message because it doesn’t suit? Or doesn’t feel comfortable?

And maybe the fear gets in the way, anyway.

How would it be……….to stop and listen? How would it be to magically drop into the part of the body that is crying out for help? What would be revealed?

How would it be to trust whatever message is revealed? No matter if it agrees with whatever professional person you are having appointments with, or not. Go deeper in, embrace the fear and go deeper. Be aware of each part of your body, internally, and explore. Be aware of how all the parts work together and integrate – there is too much information to know with your mind.

Be floaty and relax. Stop and stay in this moment. Your body wants the best for you so listen to it.

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