Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Be still.

Be still in this moment, this second.

Just for this second. You can do that. Just for a second............ It’s enough. When I stop for just a second, I notice that this interrupts whatever pattern is running. It’s a chance for a new beginning. It’s a chance for everything past, including the second before, to be cut off, stopped. It’s a chance for renewal.

Can you do it? Or do you find that you cling to what happened the second before, as if you might fall off a cliff if you don’t. Do you cling to something in the past because it’s the reason you are like you are, and you won’t know who you are if you let go.

I often ask myself, “What am I aware of now?” and in that moment, what I am aware of is things like sensations in my body, the sun or wind on my skin, my breathing, noises around me, maybe an emotion arising, a stillness inside me. This question is a signal for me to stop and be aware of this moment.

In this moment, under the sensations, nothing is here. No past. No future. Just this. Nothing. And your mind might jump in with a thought........"why would you want to be nothing?"....or……”Why would I want to stay in a place of nothing?”…………….which is the ego self trying to sabotage you being still.    And, really................, why would you want to be still? 

Because it feels like love. It is love. It’s not your mind. It's not an emotion. It's real love.

Sometimes this nothing feels like emptiness, sometimes it feels like bliss, sometimes it feels like peace.

Do you want this?

In this place, there is no stress. There is no suffering – just in that moment. And if there is no stress and no suffering in this moment, why not any time. I know, our minds tell us that as soon as we get into living our normal life, there it will be again – that stress. But does it have to be? Why does it have to be?

Do you want stress? Or do you want peace and stillness?

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