Saturday, October 1, 2016


Being grateful.
Most people would say that they are.
Many people write lists of things they are grateful for.
Some people write a Gratitude Journal - every day.
Some people feel that they should be grateful and therefore they are

Know what? Saying the words
                      writing the words
                      thinking the words
                      telling yourself
does not mean that you feel gratitude.

The thinking mind is really quite separate to feeling deeply inside yourself.
You may even get a little bit of feeling grateful, but just know that there are layers of this feeling.
And you cannot think yourself into it. You cannot make yourself feel grateful.

So you want to feel grateful?? Because you have read or heard that you will get more from the universe if you do? Or because you want to deny other feelings?
Ah-ha, good honesty.
I suggest that you catch yourself feeling love. That boundless love that is non-judgemental and welcoming.
From this, gratitude will arise naturally.

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