Saturday, May 14, 2016

Suffering and pain

Today as I sat on a rock at the sea shore, I reflected that recently I have been experiencing more suffering and emotional pain than ever in my life. (that I can remember!)

There has been so much hurt that at times I have despaired of getting out of it.

And because I do Journeywork, I have also thought that my Journey tools had deserted me.

However, I know that I can be slow to experience the real emotion. And my mind gets in the way with many weird thoughts going in all directions. This diverts the feeling of the emotion and yet, the thoughts create more suffering. Maybe they create the suffering totally.

Because I know that there is no such thing as real suffering - it is all in my interpretation or perception of the situation. If I welcome the emotion of each moment, the emotion will expand and reveal another deeper emotion as it dissolves. Until they are gone. (for now) Until the beauty of the real me is revealed.

I walked along the beach focusing on the shells, the driftwood, the waves, the sand. My being relaxed.  I allowed emotion without story. and without attachment. I dropped into stillness. (When walking in the first direction, I was aware that stillness was being elusive.)

By the time I arrived home I was feeling strong and able to be me. The me that is understanding, loving, and kind without losing me. The me that has a purpose in life, which is true and pure.

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