Thursday, January 21, 2016


To breath in a resource "separateness" seemed to my mind to be counter to developing wisdom in oneness.
And yet........... this is what arrived for me during a deep journey inside myself. I needed to be able to separate myself from my mothers emotions, before I was even born. You know how closely connected we are to our mothers - afterall we spend 9 months growing from an embryo to a baby inside her body - sharing her blood and everything that is embedded in that. We are completely and thoroughly influenced by her emotions.

So it seems that my emotions were completely formed by her's. And then my beliefs about myself were also formed and followed on from the emotions.

I needed to separate myself from all this,
       cut ties with her emotions
       realise that I am not responsible for other people's emotions
       keep myself separate from other people's emotions.
Otherwise I would continue to automatically link into other people's emotions, especially those people close to me. I would continue on the same old path of feeling rotten and guilty when someone else has uncomfortable emotions.

So I choose a new path  -  that of feeling compassion for myself and for others, empathy but not ownership for their feelings, understanding but not necessarily agreement.

I choose a new path  - a path of freedom, expansiveness and boundless love.

Oneness is here, on this path.

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