Friday, January 27, 2012

Difficult things.

Sometimes we have to do really difficult things. Stuff that is going to affect other people or not be approved of. We don’t want to. We don’t like unpleasantness. The mind goes round and round. The thoughts go one way and then the other. There must be some way out of the situation without having to do the difficult bit. It’s hard to focus on what we know is the right thing to do. It feels so confusing. To achieve some peace and clarity let the mind thoughts come and go, without attaching too much to them, without thinking more about each one. Breathe deeply and let your awareness of life expand so that you have a fuller picture. Know the truth inside you and trust that.


  1. Well said, I definitely don't like unpleasantness!

    1. The mind gets busy. It distracts us from our purpose and our truth. And stuck emotions and negative self-beliefs add to this.

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