Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Physical pain.

 Physical pain! We don’t like it and most of us like to avoid it. Little pain or big pain, it is telling us something. It’s giving us information about a part of our body and what is going on there. It alerts us that something is not working well. It reminds us to give respect and care to our body. With the information we can then make decisions about how best to look after our physical body. Breath into the pain, send that area of your body love, relax so it can do it’s best to heal. Show respect by listening and feeling the exact nature of the pain, visualize what is going on, and know there is message here about taking care of yourself. Show understanding of your body, and the pain it is experiencing and be gentle with yourself.


  1. I don't like pain! Related to your post, I got this on an email today:
    Working with Pain
    With careful observation, we find that the sensations are dissolving all the time. What previously seemed like a solid mass of misery is in fact changing from moment to moment. We may also discover that it was our aversion that made the pain seem really intolerable. When the aversion dissolves, what is left is much simpler and much less intimidating.
    -Gavin Harrison
    Love, E x

  2. When the feeling that is stored in that part of the body experiencing the pain, is released then the pain will leave.