Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Over 3 weeks on from the earthquake.

One big earthquake and over a 1000 aftershocks - many of decent earthquake size. Lots of adrenaline going round the body. Many different emotions arising for people. Some who are needing to use portaloos and have damaged houses feeling anger at those people they see as responsible for organising some action. Others are fearful. Others are anxious.
What can be learned from the earthquake?
1. What value do we put on things? Do things make you happy? If so, does the happiness last? Is it real or temporary? How attached are you to things and does this limit you, in your view of life? Brandon Bays says be careful of what you wish for. I had been thinking that we need a good sort out of the many things that we own. I hadn't got round to it - where to start! So an earthquake started the job for me.
2. We are not in control. Most of us assume that the ground will be stable beneath our feet. This is the ultimate in learning that we can't control our life. So if we can't be in control, how does that make us feel? How can we live when not in control of something. Will it make you work harder at controlling parts of your life or will you relax into the freedom of not controlling. Take yourself lightly and fly like an angel.
3. An earthquake is something which creates a major shake-up of the meaning of life and the importance of living in the NOW. The present is all we really have. Make the most of it. Not by making an effort, but by being open to the moment and living it fully.
4. An event such as an earthquake creates a situation where one's secret fears can be faced, met, felt and then let go. When might another earthquake happen? We don't know and can't know. So we need to learn to live with this uncertainty. How difficult is this?
Be thankful for the opportunity of the lessons which can be involved in the earthquake experience.

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